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Siras Systems Support:
If SELPA/District policy is to contact them first follow that protocol.

Email:    support@sirassystems.com
Issues concerning bugs on forms; SIRAS procedures; troubleshooting questions; IEP Manager; configuration issues; MIS Summary page; SPED CALPADS and other general questions. 

SIRAS Toll Free Hotline:   844-33 SIRAS   or   (844) 337-4727       [M - F:  8:00 to 6:00]
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   SIRAS Newsletter July 2024

IMPORTANT Information for all users in SIRAS

  • NEW FORMS Kern County SELPA newly revised forms will contain Supplemental Supports and a Notes section for both Services and the Supplemental Supports:  1) Related Services and Supplemental Supports;  2) ESY Services and Supplemental Supports;  3) Next Years Services and Supports; and 4) IEP Addendum.  Also, signature lines will be removed from the SLD forms.
  • Degree of Support: For grades TK - 12th, when doing an Initial Eval, Triennial, or Annual Review after you open the Student Demographics form if the student has a disability you will see a new filed called Degree of Disability.  There are two options ‘Mild/Moderate Support Needs - MMSN’ and ‘Extensive Support Needs - ESN’ - use the tool tip next to the field on guidance on which to choose. This field is also on the MIS Summary Page.  Click here for more information about this new field.
  • All active SIRAS records (IEP, 504 and SST) will be grade advanced on the weekend of July 13th-14th and Next Year's Data will be applied.

  • The SIRAS Training server will be copied over from production at a later date.  This means that any documents that you may have created in the training server will be deleted.  Download and save items you need from the training server in advance.


IMPORTANT Information for SIRAS Data Administrators in SIRAS

  • The grade rollover and advancement of Next Year’s Data will occur on the weekend of July 13th- 14th.  See the instructions posted on the SIRAS User Manual for procedures prior to and following the rollover.

  • Prior to the rollover, finalize meetings that have been held with dates on/before the rollover date.

  • Students with Pending IEP status and open Initial IEP meetings that will be transferring to another district, where parent consent is in one district and the Initial IEP will happen in another, close the meeting as abandoned and have the new district open a new Initial IEP with the same referral dates. Request assistance from support@sirassystems.com to open the new initial in the new district.
  • After the rollover, search for students who you anticipated would have been transferred upon the rollover.  For example, review the Statistical Reports for students with Active/Pending status by grade to see if you have students in 9th grade (and you are a K-8 district). If a student will not be continuing with you, inactivate the record and contact the next LEA to have them request the record. 

  • After the rollover, search for open IEP meetings with dates prior to July 15th.  It is best practice that they are finalized by Census Day. Remind staff they will need to be continued when school begins and that the team MUST contact the SIRAS Data Administrator when the meeting is finalized.  After the meeting is finalized, manually advance the grade level, and update the school and providers if needed. See the instructions posted on the SIRAS User Manual.

  • After the rollover, search for students without a Case Manager and assign one.  At that time, update your caseloads with new providers and school changes.

  • After the rollover, continue to follow up on IEP meetings finalized last year that did not have parent consent.  Print a list from Reporting/Meeting Reports/Predefined/Parent Contacted, No Response.  Narrow the meeting date range in the Search Query Criteria, e.g., 8/1/2023-current date, to limit meetings in the list from last year only.  Remember that meetings finalized this way last year, do not have the new year’s goals approved yet.  If parent consent is received because of your follow up, upload the signed document and update the parent consent.  Do NOT reactivate the meeting to complete these tasks.  Review your associated archive(s) and current data to make sure they were properly updated to reflect the new parent response.

  • Add Block Access and reassign student associations for staff who are not returning in the fall.  Make sure that remove their email address, phone number and district/school assignments.

  • Enter Progress Report dates and School Holidays in excess of 5 days in Tools/SELPA-District-School Admin for the 2024-2025 school year.  You do not need to enter all your school holidays for the year, only school holidays that are in excess of 5 school days.



Introducing Siras Systems' latest venture – a dedicated division committed to providing comprehensive language solutions for educational needs. From translating Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and assessment reports, we've got you covered. Backed by a team of professional translators, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional quality translations with swift turnaround times (within 5 working days, usually 3) at highly competitive rates (just .18/word). While currently specializing in English to Spanish translations, we're expanding our language offerings soon. If your school district requires expert translation services or interpreter assistance, reach out to Steve at steve@sirassystems.com for a competitive cost and time estimate, or to address any inquiries you may have. Experience seamless communication and reliable support with Siras Systems Language Solutions today.


SST Tracker and the 504 Modules:

>>> 504 Module - SIS Integration now available. Click here for more technical information 

Contact steve@sirassystems.com for a quote and to arrange

The modules employ Transfer buttons on the MIS Summary page which move the student record from one module to another (for example, SST to 504 or SST to Special Education). If your district is interested in using either the SST Tracker or the 504 Plan Developer email Siras Systems for assistance to get started. 

Optional Costs:
     - Customized 504 Forms
     - SIS Integration of demographic and contact data
     - Training & Workshops


SIRAS CCSS Goal Alignment to Assessment & Worksheet Project:

Siras Systems is looking for volunteers to assist in the development of short assessment worksheets connected to the goal stems when developed in the GoalWizard. Our hope is that we can combine our resources and efforts to develop material for CCSS goal stems. SIRAS Systems will help coordinate and facilitate the development of the assessments, configure and import the files into SIRAS when complete. This project will take about a year to fully materialize. This cooperative effort benefits the outcomes of the students we serve. Users in the SIRAS family can easily and efficiently develop baselines, evaluate the student’s progress toward their goals, determine whether the goal is met and present this evidence at the annual review meetings. Your participation and contribution to this project as a SELPA would be greatly appreciated by many. All participants that assist would be added to our Acknowledgement page for professional recognition. If you are interested in assisting with this project, email Steve Ormbrek at steve@sirassystems.com